Hi! Studio Two Eleven is run by me, Kym!  Hi. I'm glad you're here checking out my handmade items.  A little about me, I'm a natural creator. I don't have many talents but creating is what I do best. I write, I grew up playing music, I was a photographer for many years and now, I have found a new love, creating art for your ears.

Your items are all made by hand, in my home  here in the suburbs of Atlanta at all odd times of the day and night (usually super late at night). You never know when inspiration hits and as a new empty-nester, I luckily have lots of time to pour into this addiction.

I need to gently point out, handmade doesn't mean sloppy, it means detailed. The time spent to get every item just right, the trials and errors, the prototypes, the failed experiments, it's all from my heart to my hand and to get to place where it can be finalized and packaged, isn't without effort.  It truly is a labor of love and I hope when the items you choose arrive in your hands, you can feel just how much.